Toyota Speeds Up Its Meals per Hour for Superstorm Sandy Victims

Toyota pledges to donate 1.25 million meals for displaced New Yorkers

Toyota is always trying to do something to exceed expectations, even when those expectations are their own. This June, Toyota pledged to donate meals to Superstorm Sandy victims still struggling six months after the disaster in New York as a part of a partnership with Metro World Child and Food Bank of New York.

Creators of the popular film Catfish and the third and fourth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise, Supermarché (led by Rel Schulman and Henry Joost) produced a documentary, Meals Per Hour, featuring the partnership between Toyota and emergency meal distributors. For each view of the short film, Toyota set a pledge goal of 250,000 meals for 250,000 views.

But after an overwhelming response, Toyota knew they could do so much more. Now, New Yorkers will see up to 1.25 million meals from Toyota as a result of the video’s views. Viewers have until July 19 to hit the play button—an easy exchange for such a great cause.

So what does this partnership entail? Toyota’s Production System Support Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to applying the company’s successful production systems to other organizations that could benefit from a more efficient process. Toyota worked with Metro World Child to enhance operations to deliver more food to more people in the quickest method they could devise. Now, the Food Bank and Metro World Child can assemble the packages faster, transport more at a time, and reduce the wait time for hungry families. The result? 18 times the meals are being delivered than before Toyota stepped in. 

We at Caldwell Toyota Scion are excited to be a part of a company that makes such an active difference in the world. Be sure to watch “Meals Per Hour” with us as Toyota quickly approaches their goal of 1.25 million meals. Visit to watch and learn more about the initiative.


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